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hummus • red pepper • avocado wrap


alittleleo replied to your post: Holy Angel Kamineko (Oreimo) Cosplay Q…

How do I use the QR code?!

you need to unlock the “sewing machine” at the able sisters place by talking to Sable for I think 10 days in a row. Your town needs to be at least a week old though. with the “sewing machine” or QR machine, you can read and make qr codes!

Holy Angel Kamineko (Oreimo) Cosplay QR Code for ACNL

second ruri cosplay i’ve made on animal crossing. i’ll post the qr code tomorrow because i’m still working on the headpiece also, yes it has little wings on the back.



says the guy named cookie


"Never give up! Keep doing what you like!”



Amatogi Ryukiko


Summer Desserts | seuga [pixiv]