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☁️ like a painting ☁️


I loved the lights, camera, lashes eyeliner so I have high expectations for this! I bought both at Ulta during the beauty steals thing so I only paid $20 for both~ (originally theyre $20 each)

😍 anniversary gift from @turtleohseven 💘




Happy anniversary, my Senpai. We met when we were teenagers.. we’ve grown up together and watched each other dream. I’m so proud of everything you’ve done so far, and everything you’re in the middle of doing. You’re ambitious, cute, funny, and the perfect mate for me. I look forward to sharing my life with you for years to come. Four years has seemed like a lifetime, and it hasn’t all been happy and fun, but I’m more than happy with you, sweetheart.

veggie salad sandwich and cucumber water 😋

saved up to get a premium box! pretty happy that I got Marie 🎀

ok going back into hibernation again BYE


All praise this fucking anime.

Anonymous asked: How does one become loli?


eat strawberries and suck a lot of dick